Thermocouple Terminal Blocks | Industrial Temperature Sensor - strip terminal thermocouple


Omega Thermocouple Terminal Block XBTKK25 strip terminal thermocouple

Type J, K, T, E, R/S Terminal Blocks; mm Wide with Dual Wire Thermocouple -Grade Alloys; Screw Type Terminal Block DIN Connectors; Maintenance-Free.

Omega's thermocouple terminal blocks are UL-certified, manufactured with Uses Industry Standard Marker Strips for Labeling; Fully Enclosed—No End Plates.

TE Thermocouple Barrier Terminal Strips. Application. Design, For use in terminal boxes and behind panels, for connections of thermocouple and RTD.

thermocouple terminal block. TC/P0 Series - thermocouple terminal blocks from ASI that has been designed to accept type J, K, B, E, SR, and T thermocouple.