What I Absolutely Wish I'd Known When Raising My Bipolar Son - helping a young adult cope with bipolar


Parent with bipolar: How to deal with it helping a young adult cope with bipolar

Results indicate that parents of adult children with bipolar disorder had a more dealing with the long-term impact of parenting an adult child with bipolar disorder​. a longitudinal study of a random sample of 10, young men and women.

Dealing with bipolar disorder in the family isn't easy. Young woman smiling phone older man The moods and behaviors of a person with bipolar disorder affect everyone around—especially family members and close.

How one family learned to deal with bipolar disorder. an advocacy group that seeks to help those with mental illness, and for a time was on Happy Faces: Taking Charge of Your Mental Health — A Guide for Young Adults.

Dilemmas faced by parents of bipolar adults who do not seek help. to do in relation to her daughter's failure to manage her life independently.