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Al Jolson was an American singer, comedian, and actor. He was dubbed "The World's Greatest . Before The Jazz Singer, Jolson starred in the talking film A Plantation Act. This simulation of a stage I leaped into the living room and announced to the adults, who were staring at me in amazement, "Me Sonny Boy!

Al Jolson was known in the industry as "The World's Greatest Entertainer," for well over 40 years. Huell's California Adventures: Huell and Louie Hit the Road (TV Movie .. Sex and the Single Girl (lyrics: "Anniversary Song").

Al Jolson died in San Francisco last night too late to hit the headlines of the morning papers, but in the evening papers to-day he swept everything before him​.

However, after discovering that Jakie is singing in a saloon, the cantor beats him, and Jakie runs away from home. As an adult (Al Jolson), Jakie becomes a jazz.